Modulus Tri-Strike Review and Shooting

Julian reviews the Nerf Modulus Tri Strike. The Effective Range on the Elite blaster is 30 feet, the Mega Blaster 15 and the Missile Launcher is 10.

Slam fire
Bolt action
Mega Blaster

Mag lock
Missile pipe is not long enough

Modulus Tri-Strike.fw




  1. Evan says:

    This means that Nerf are improving there methods of gunmaking imagine a version of the tri strike with vortex added that would be overpowered

  2. jonathan says:

    did you try the 1000 combinations already with the modulus?

  3. jonathan says:

    nerf arsenal 2016 please

  4. jonathan says:

    what is your favorite nerf gun from 2016?

  5. jonathan says:

    if you swom in the money, what would you buy?

  6. jonathan says:

    modulus vs demolisher

  7. jonathan says:

    Hi adam,

    Do you still like this gun?
    Is it the favorite gun now instead of the rampage?


  8. derick says:


  9. jonathan says:


  10. Daniel says:

    Omg! That’s so cool! It’s probably the first blaster to ever have three types of blasters in one.

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