Nerf vs Airsoft

Adam and Julian get into a fight over whether Nerf or Airsoft is better. Which one do you think is better?

“Adam and Julian get into an argument about whether airsoft or Nerf is better and then it turns into a full blown war. Julian destroys Adam and Julian and proves Nerf is better than airsoft.”
Video idea submitted by Anthony S. for the NSN E15 contest!


Adam Oliver – Adam/DP/Editor

Julian Oliver – Julian

Peter Farrell – Camera Operator



  1. daniel says:

    look at all the gear Adam has to wear Julian wore nothing this proves nerf is better! ITS NERF OR NOTHIN

  2. NerfVideo says:

    Cool short! All of it is true too!They should make a short where Julian and Adam get arrested for something to do with Nerf and they have to break out and prove their innocent. Anyone else agree?

  3. Alex says:

    I prefer nerf as it hurts less, the guns are cheaper and you can customise the guns easier.

  4. Jonas tjelta says:

    I love air soft and it’s fun. The thing I hate is u probably want to wear protection. The better thing is your gun can blend in better and the guns look more realistic. I like nerf better though because u can reuse the bullets and u can wear anything. Love u guys

  5. Airsoft Man says:

    Guys calm down plus air soft is the best u can’t beat it

  6. NerfLover89 says:

    Dear NerfSocom

    Make a video where Julian can’t stop eating.Then Adam gets in a argument to stop eating.Then Julian shoots Adam with a Nerf pistol. Adam brings a Rampage or something and kills him. He says at the end he should of stopped eating.

    Sensuously, NerfLover89

  7. Nerf girl 24 says:

    Nerf is better and cheaper!!

  8. Delf says:

    Air soft wins in range, accuracy, realism, capacity.
    Nerf wins in price, safety, fun, and legality (air soft isn’t allowed in colleges but nerf is)

  9. henry says:

    Airsoft guns like the one Adam was using are super inaccurate, sort of like shotguns that fire about 30 or more little balls, and second I think nerf wins 100% of the time. hashtag :)

  10. Richard C. says:

    First of all, great job guys! Second, why did you dely the release? You said it would be out on Saturday.

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