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Below are questions that we frequently get from our viewers. You may find an answer to your question before even asking it!

Q: How do you get so many Nerf Blasters?
A: We buy them with our money, or the money we make from Google (ad revenue).

Q: How long does it take to make a video?
A: Well, that depends on the video. For a review or modification video, it normally takes a few days to plan, film, and edit the video. The amount of time it takes to make one of our web-series videos is much longer. It takes at least two weeks to write a script, then possibly months to plan each filming. Most of our recent web-series videos (the Lexar series) have taken multiple days to film, which means that we need to plan multiple filmings, which again, takes a long time. Finally, editing one of these videos takes usually 2 or more weeks.

Q: When is _____ going to come out?
A: It is being planned/worked on now. :)

Q: How many Nerf blasters do you have?
A: The number of Nerf Blasters that we own is always increasing. If you are talking about the entire Nerf Crew combined, that number has not and will not be counted for a long time. In terms of just Adam’s and Julian’s blasters, we probably have 40 or so.

Q: What are your favorite blasters?
A: Adam’s favorite is the Rampage and Julian’s is the Retaliator or Stockade

Q: Do you do Nerf modification contracts?
A: At this point, no. We may plan to do so later, though.

Q: How can I make videos like yours?
A: Depends on how much work you want to put into it! You should start with finding ways to capture good audio and video. If you have the means to record good audio and video, then it is just up to creating a good plot and finding actors. Editing is easy with programs that anyone can find online (you don’t need expensive programs to edit your video).


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