About Nerf Socom

Thanks for visiting our website! We don’t talk about ourselves much in the videos, so here’s some info on Nerf Socom.

We bought our first Nerf blasters, the Longshot CS6s, in 2007. We started Nerf Socom in 2009 as a hobby. At the time we liked making home videos, so we though we’d make a short action series/comedy about Nerf. As the series grew more popular, it became more than a hobby for us. As Nerf Socom grew, multiple videos of ours started getting millions of views. We are continuing to expand Nerf Socom and have big plans for the future.

As of now our Nerf arsenal is constantly expanding as we frequently buy new blasters to review and include in our videos. The entire Nerf Socom team’s arsenal is rarely counted, estimated well over 100 blasters. We respect the quality of Nerf and only buy and use brand name Nerf products.

We have always chosen to prioritize quality over quantity. There are a lot of Nerfers on YouTube who make videos daily that just aren’t that great quality. We’re committed to provide the Nerf community high quality videos that can entertain and educate!

We’re also committed to making family friendly videos. After all, it is Nerf. As Nerf is geared towards a younger audience, we want everyone to be able to watch and enjoy our videos. Apart from that, we are a Christian group, so even more the reason to create appropriate material.

We commonly get asked what equipment we use for filming. Our equipment and techniques have definitely transformed over the years. We started out with a cheap Sony Mini DV Handycam, and now have equipment capable of filming and editing full HD video.


About Adam Oliver

Position(s): Writer (Lexar, Zombies) – Producer – Director – Coordinator – Editor – Actor

Acting roles: Adam, Jim, Occasional bad guy

Crew roles: Director, Cameraman, Editor


Website: adamdoliver.com
YouTube: Forth
Facebook: facebook.com/adamdaleoliver
Twitter: @AdamDaOliver

About me:

I am a co-founder of Nerf Socom. My hobbies include Airsoft, Cinematography and occasional Gaming. I also enjoy computer programming (very basic). My favorite Nerf blaster is the Elite Rampage and I like using the Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot as a sidearm.

I am currently attending college. I plan to get a degree in Multimedia Graphics Design. Specifically, I look to excel in the field of cinematography.

Most ask about my Airsoft arsenal. As of writing this, my current airsoft arsenal is as follows: My primary is a  G&G Pneumatic Blowback M4 AEG (with too many attachments to list).  My secondary is a WE M9 Gas Blowback. My backup weapon is a Tactical force TF11 (or Mac 11) CO2 Blowback.


About Julian Oliver

Position(s): Co-creator, Editor, Actor

Acting roles: Julian, Jacob, Johnson, and various bad guys

Crew roles: Occasional cameraman

YouTube: JuberJoe

About me:

My hobbies are Gaming, Nerf and Airsoft. My favorite movies are the Marvel movies. My favorite book is The Hobbit. I studied tae kwon do for three years and got a red belt. I plan to build a gaming channel on my YouTube channel called “JuberJoe”.

My favorite Nerf Blaster is the Elite Retaliator.


About Website

We have optimized our website for our viewers to create a central hub for our productions. Because we have four channels, it is not easy for all of our viewers to know when a video comes out, especially on a channel like NerfSocom2. On our website, we will post content as soon as it is uploaded, regardless of what channel. This way no one gets left out! Also, our website has a comment system which enables discussion between the fans and us.

If you would like to have an avatar appear next to your comments, just sign up to wordpress! It should automatically appear once you link your email.

Additionally, if you happen to find an error on our site or in a video description, email us! We will be sure to credit you.


Contact us

If you’d like to contact us, visit this page

Nerf Socom is not affiliated with Hasbro. 


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