Lexar Episode 13 – Umbrellamen

In Nerf Socom Episode 13, the LPG team executes a plan to recover Adam, Julian and Lexar.

Episode 13 Extras video! (Bloopers, and Deleted Scenes)



  1. Daniel says:

    I want a closet of Nerf guns like that…

  2. Billy says:

    Billy and bob favorite characters

  3. Jonas Tjelta says:

    Awesome I love ur videos

  4. Galactic Greninja says:

    Those skull guys voices are annoying hit puberty already

  5. Jacob says:

    Why did Bret leave NERF Socom? There’s no explanation why he left or died

  6. aarnold says:

    You should do a short on what happened to Julian and Adam it would be cool!!!!!

  7. toby says:

    how do u do that on the screen

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