Lexar Episode 20 Exclusive Extras 2

This is an extended compilation of Nerf Socom Lexar Episode 20 Behind the Scenes. Be sure to watch the episode and behind the scenes part 1 before watching this. This is a less formal video for our dedicated fans!



  1. papaandmama says:

    from where you have so many guns????

  2. nerf girgl 24 says:

    i am nerf girl 24 how long did it take for yall to make this vido

  3. Iwo says:

    Hi my mamie is iwo ,i watched your show when you were younger and they are great.Can you Please make some more movies?thank you

  4. Iwo says:

    Can you Please come to poland ?i would love to see your show !

  5. biggest fan ever says:

    what program do you use for editing

  6. Emanuele says:

    You see your nerf arsenal this year

  7. Andrew says:

    I’m entering again but this time with 4 more players

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