Elite Strongarm OMW Final Stage Modification

Julian shows how to install the Orange Mod Works Final Stage kit for the Strongarm.

You can find the Strongarm kit and all of OWM’s other kits here:http://goo.gl/nhmxd

This mod increases the effective range by 5 feet, which does not sound like a lot, but it can make a big difference in battle. It doesn’t decrease the accuracy of the blaster, which is a major improvement over other mods.



  1. dylan says:

    i love the strongarm and maverick mods

  2. Correction says:

    Um, about your Video in YouTube about the review of the Strongarm, you can uncock the strongarm.
    Step one. Cock the blaster.
    Step two. Pull the cocking handle back and press the trigger

    That is how to uncock a strong arm.

  3. Roby bland says:

    I cant shoot my gun becouse i pull the cocking handel to shoot

  4. Nerf86 says:

    Julian i cant seem to get the back piece of the plunger in right please help NERF socom

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