Nerf Tactics Episode 1 – The Basics

Adam and Julian discuss basic tactics to use in a Nerf battle. Keep these tactical tips and optimize your battles! Let us know what type of tactics you want to see next!



  1. Daniel says:

    Nice Bible text btw. But here’s how the LDS version goes,”For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the PROSPERITY of fools shall destroy them.

  2. jonathan says:

    do you know leather craft? you should do it it is fun.

  3. jonathan says:

    nice video. Where do you live? maybe I come to your place

  4. NerfGirlVideos says:

    Can you do a tactic to teach us how to properly infiltrate a room

  5. jonathan says:

    nice you are using a bible text.
    Can you please respond?

  6. pigface7 says:

    I will TOTALLY remember that that tactical rampage forever.

  7. NerfGirlVideos says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips guys! :D

  8. derick says:

    cool thanks for tips

  9. Nerf SharpShooters says:

    thanks for the new video. it will be a big help in our nerf battles this week.

  10. Daniel says:

    On one of the tactics where you can use a mirror to see what’s going on from outside your cover, I think it’s still okay to take a quick peek without using the mirror as long as your Nerf War is taken place at a bigger place.

    • TheAlphaMudkip says:

      Yea, nerf darts don’t fly that fast, and if your opponents are at a range you are fine to peek.

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