Our 2014 Nerf Arsenal – Nerf Socom

Adam and Julian show their long awaited Nerf Arsenal. This is just the guns owned by Adam and Julian, as opposed to the entire Nerf Socom team’s arsenal, as shown in the last arsenal video. What do you think of our arsenal? Too big? Too Small? Too much Rebelle?



  1. jonathan says:

    it is green gun the nerf hyperfire

  2. Julian says:

    Too many unopened!?

  3. nerf man says:

    are you going to do a nerf 2015 arsenal

  4. Max says:

    Too small!

  5. Max says:

    You need more darts!!!

  6. Grant g says:

    That gun is a hyper fire

  7. Jonas Tjelta says:

    Sorry, I meant you should get everyone in Nerf socom to do one

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