Doomlands 2169 Desolator Review

Julian reviews the Nerf Doomlands 2169 Desolator. The Effective Range on this gun is 33 feet.

Rate of fire

Doesn’t have barrel adapter
Loses range in rapid fire






  1. Bhanu vardhan india says:

    Jillian and Adam you guys are awesome sadly I don’t have any nerf gun I need rampage but in India it cost is twenty three thousand rupees I want it for free I beg u guys to give me a rampage I don’t have any YouTube channel so I beg u guys my house address is in your battle ideas so plz donate me rampage I beg you

  2. Daniel says:

    Cool gun.

  3. Daniel says:

    It looks like this gun might not jam as much as the Modulus.

  4. derick says:

    how much

  5. joseph wenchell says:

    i live rite next to i 25

  6. joseph wenchell says:

    i relly like this gun and the ammo holders are called where i come from are cartreages and ive look at your po box and i relized the towns name monument c.o. ive wanted to say this that i live in the same town as you guyes and i seen your back of your house before and you guyes are relly good at nerf and good job and keep it that way and thank you julian

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