Elite Cam vs Rapidstrike vs Demolisher

Julian compares Nerf Elite Cam ECS, Rapidstrike CS-18, and Demolisher 2-in-1.

Clear advantages:

Elite Cam: Camera
Rapidstrike: Fully automatic
Demolisher: Rocket launcher




  1. Mckenzye says:

    the Nerf Cam looks like a repainted and modded Rapidstrike

  2. slingfire says:

    if you done a voltage mod to the rapidstrike i suggest you to buy a new one cause the have voltage mod one will slow down ranges

  3. awsome says:

    i want the rapid strike

  4. blake says:

    i have the rapid strike and the demolisher they are both good guns but the demlishers missel has bad accursy

  5. Jeff says:

    I like all three guns and I am getting a Demolisher soon.

  6. Delf says:

    Awsome! I’m getting the Demolisher this Christmas!

  7. Nicky Tang says:

    October 24 is my birthday, I like all three of those

  8. Stephen says:

    Why didn’t you use your third arm Julian?

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