Lexar Episode 1 – Pilot

Warning: This is old…

In Nerf Socom Episode 1,¬†Adam and Julian’s house gets attacked! Can they defend themselves?

You can watch the commentary for this video here:




  1. Lefamily says:

    Not bad but ok

  2. Jacobus says:

    Wouldn’t show up

  3. Daniel says:

    Hey, Adam! I was a skinny little feller like you when I was younger.

  4. You know no says:

    Video no pop up

  5. walker says:

    i bet it would have been cool but it wont pop up : /

  6. malcolm says:

    there is a airsoft gun in the background.

  7. Ryden says:

    Why won’t the video play???

  8. BJAV07 says:

    Why i can’t see it

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