Lexar Episode 12 – The Follow Up

In Nerf Socom Episode 12, the LPG Team prepares for a follow-up attack by the Skull Team.



  1. jonathan says:

    nice, first episode with music. Nice music were got you from?

  2. lucas.H/agent miles says:

    sweat music

  3. Daniel says:

    My favorite part of the video is when bad guy Kyle said, “Can I have a burrito?”. XD

  4. SimonHDS90 says:

    THE PEOPLE WHO COME OUT WHERE ADAM IS SO FAKE,it looks like the same guys but do different things

  5. toby says:

    oursome music

  6. Mia says:

    How did u do the beginning bit of the video with all of the names and make the people bigger

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