Lexar Episode 14 – Hostage Rescue

In Nerf Socom Episode 14, the LPG team recovers hostages from a skull team base.

Episode 14 Extras video! (Bloopers and Deleted Scenes)



  1. A Swedish Nerf-fan says:

    2:55 Hahaha! Look at the right side!

  2. charlie brown 678 says:

    pause it at time 3.57 and you will see him

  3. charlie brown 678 says:

    if you look you will see that there was 2 kyles the second appered when bad Julian died he is the one with the rader

  4. tommy says:

    where did they get the hostages

  5. NerfGirlVideos says:

    2 Matthews at the same place and time? How did you do it?

  6. Daniel says:

    What ever happened to Bret?

  7. Jack4kill5 says:

    I love This

  8. Nerf girl 24 says:

    I love this eposide!! Nerf socom rocks!!

  9. King minion 777 says:

    two Mathews ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  10. Arislilios33 says:


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