Lexar Episode 6 Part 2 – The Copy Part 2

In Nerf Socom Episode 6 Part 2, the LPG (Lexar Protection Group) finds out what Lexar is, and discover that the Skull team may have copied Lexar’s codes while they had possession of it, so LPG is attacking one of the Skull team’s bases to get the copied codes and destroy them.

NOTE: Many people get confused by this episode, but watch it till the end, last seconds, it explains itself.




  1. Hunter says:

    Who Is WATCHING THIS IN 2016

  2. Andrew says:

    best so far ps you do not say “I’ll be right back” have you ever watched a horror movie

  3. Daniel says:

    I like how Adam uses his Air soft pistol for the scene where the commander uses a REAL gun. It was really clever. :)

  4. Tully says:

    I really like this show

  5. awsome says:

    you guys are awesome

  6. John says:

    You are awesome and have a impressive

  7. Daniel Huffman says:

    “Guys, I’ll be right back.”

    -Jim Gracier

  8. Nerf86 says:

    I think its great better than i could do in a Nerf war.

  9. Lyam says:

    The story and action of all of the Lexar is pretty good

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