Lexar Episode 16 Extras

This is a compilation of bloopers and outtakes from Episode 16. Also included are some outtakes from the “Johnson’s Hope” short, and a video demonstrating the “Infection” gametype.

You can watch the episode here: http://nerfsocom.com/?p=172

The rules for the infection game (4:05) are:

The game is best played with at least 6 players.

The (1) zombie starts out with a Nerf sword, and a Nerf Hatchet (aka the Tomahawk), which he throws.

The Humans start with Semi-auto, mid-high cap rifles. The Zombie is 1 hit kill but has unlimited respawns at a safe respawn zone. Humans are one strike kill (with a sword swipe or a Hatchet strike) and they become infected. Once they are infected they cannot respawn human, and must follow Zombie rules.

A gun hit infects the humans, and zombies can legally deflect/block darts with their weapons (and not have to respawn).

Once there is only one human left, he has the option to fall back to a more secure location with fully-automatic weapons.



  1. henry says:

    The zombie game looked pretty cool/fun/epic.

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