Lexar Episode 19 – Behind the Scenes

A little Behind the Scenes of Episode 19.

The bloopers video is here: http://nerfsocom.com/?p=629

See the episode here: http://nerfsocom.com/?p=155



  1. col. Matec says:

    Wait who’s moving to Washington?

  2. Mia says:

    Hi I love your videos and have watched everyone I would like to make one myself could u mabey answer these questions?
    R u a group of friends doing it for fun or perfecionals doing it
    Do u do it for fun
    Where do u get your camera equipment from and how do u put the scenes together
    What country are u filming it in as u have a lot of land and big houses
    How do u do the news part with the green screen
    Could u plz give some ideas
    Can I join in
    Thanks a lot

  3. marty says:

    natocte 21 misi prosim

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