Lexar Episode 20 Exclusive Extras 2

This is an extended compilation of Nerf Socom Lexar Episode 20 Behind the Scenes. Be sure to watch the episode and behind the scenes part 1 before watching this. This is a less formal video for our dedicated fans!



  1. milan says:

    wat is jullie adres

  2. milan says:

    i, wil eens met jullie een video opnemen

  3. tahnoon khan says:

    add me and come too pakistan at my house i will give you people the house address

  4. What equipment do you guys use?

  5. adrian slocumb says:

    here’s a question for you. have you ever do a mutant monster Nerf series

  6. Ivan Modena says:

    You guys rock, very cool very cool, even though there are so many people out there saying “Nerf is just for kids turn into airsoft” I’m still in your side…………….. And also please respond in my request for the Nerf Elite Barrel Break IX-2

  7. Eyatot says:

    Im excited about your new series

  8. JMLee says:

    i subscribed to all your channels u guys R AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. JMLee says:

    COOL! can’t wait! PS is the zombie series going to be bloody? just wondering cause i have two younger brothers who love your vids too just wondering is it ok for 6yrs and 8yrs?

  10. JMLee says:

    Awesome! When are you going to release info about Zombies? Your vids are awesome!

    • Adam says:

      Good question! We decided to talk about the new series on Nerf Socom News! That will be released at the end of the month.

    • adrian slocumb says:

      they are doing soon and two months i will being putting my mystery series of of a new kind of book that is called paragraph books and the main characters like detective lepar his son cleomon and detective montero .

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