Lexar Series Kill Count

A compilation of kills/deaths on the Nerf Socom Lexar series. Enjoy!


Primary Compiling:
Daniel Rode

Sound Design/Coloring/Final Edit:
Adam Oliver



  1. in episode 10 there was 24 kills not 20. But my favorite Nerf gun is stryfe

  2. charlie brown 678 says:

    you missed jhonsons death

  3. Destomic says:

    Mah lawd… 290 people died in the process of that whole entire series….

    R.I.P. Skull Team

    “and then there were three…”

  4. Mar Triangle says:

    I have not received any email from the last giveaway.
    Please send one again.

  5. Haydn says:

    my favorite Nerf gun is the Vulcan because when i do a Nerf war intimidates the other team and my team end up winning

  6. JMLee says:


  7. Lyam says:

    Episode 14 and 18 had the most kills

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