Maverick REV-6 Modification

Adam shows you how to modify the Maverick REV-6.

Mods done are:
AR Removal
Cylinder mod
Added OMW Spring

The AR removal gave us an extra 10 feet of range with the Maverick, which makes the mod very worthwhile. We don’t know why we got those unexpected results with the OMW spring, but it was not a normal event. When you add a stronger spring it should increase the range even more. We would still recommend trying the OMW spring. It’s worth the 4 dollars if you can bring up your ranges.

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  1. derick says:


  2. adrian slocumb says:

    tomorrow I’ll be going to every part of every stat including you but that won’t be for a while

  3. adrian slocumb says:

    we all know that your lying

  4. adrian slocumb says:

    so how old are you to and i have a friend that comes from Colorado that moved yo Dayton Ohio

  5. adrian slocumb says:

    i got all of them

  6. James says:

    I got a nerf maverick and i mod it

    • adrian slocumb says:

      give it back its a scramble of scams

    • adrian slocumb says:

      so i hear Julian that your doing mine craft soon,i love mine craft, are you a pro like at building or are a rookie .and how long have you been playing .and I’ll make a deal with you like i keep you updated on what I’m building and you keep me updated on what your building

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