Nerf Retaliator OMW Unleashed Stage 1 Mod

Check out the Retaliator kit and all of Orange Mod’s other products here:

Julian reviews and shows how to install the Orange Mod Works Unleashed Stage 1 kit for the Retaliator. Near the end you can see a ‘H’ shaped plastic piece that Julian intentionally left out of the gun. This is a magazine lock that should be removed with any modification.

This kit gives us an effective range of about 50 feet, with the furthest dart hitting 70 feet.



  1. derick says:

    i got it and flat shots go for 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk

  2. John Krugger says:

    Is this the stage one that leads into solid stages 2 & 3?

  3. Nerf86 says:

    When Julian said i have to take this piece i heard someone say yes in the background sounded like Adam

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