Orange Mod Works Longstrike CS-6 Massacre

Check out the Longstrike kits and all of Orange Mod’s other products here:

Adam reviews and shows how to install the Orange Mod Works Longstrike CS-6 Massacre Kit.

This kit gives us an effective range of about 55 feet, with the furthest dart hitting over 80 feet. This is one of the most effective OMW Massacre kits available.

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  1. Andrew B says:

    Why would you risk shipping plastic parts when they could break when you already paid to mod a NERF gun and only that nerf gun.Why not get a different yet similar nerf blaster.

    • nerfmaster45 says:

      dude those aren’t just any ordinary plastic their called polycarbonated plastics even stronger than regular plastics. also its more cheaper than just buying another nerf gun.

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