Dart Art Contest – Nerf Socom News 13

Adam and Julian try their best to retain their wits as they present the latest episode of Nerf Socom News while sick at midnight. Today we cover all kinds of topics, including Nerf News, our releases, the giveaways and more!

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  1. nerfmaster45 says:

    what would be the best nerf gun for moding?

  2. jake the nerfer says:

    can you do a Nerf war/comedy series?

  3. jake the nerfer says:

    curse you Adam and Julian! you got me sick to!

  4. padraig says:

    im batman

  5. nerfmaster45 says:

    nerf socom do a strest test on the retaliator so adam can get revenge XD :)

  6. Alex McGraw says:

    If you win the contest can you get a n strike gun or does it half to be elite

  7. bob says:

    please do retaliator stress test

    ps when is zombie series coming out.:):):)

  8. NERF KILLER says:

    Who wins in Nerf battles! DONT LIE!

  9. Gabe says:

    Can you do a Review on the crossbolt, flip fury , and n force
    Zombie stuff pleas respond yes or no. Also do you now Where you can get tactical rail mounts and drum mags.

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