Halloween Challenge – Nerf Socom News 22

Adam and Julian discuss October’s Nerf News, Nerf Socom’s news, and have a super special special segment!

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  1. michaelh says:

    Which of these three would you recommend, Rapidstrike, Cam ECS, or Modulus?

  2. nerf nerd says:

    you should have your friends over and have a live nerf war

  3. 25 nerf says:

    Do a shooting turkeys contest.

  4. Ethan says:

    Who filmed the Lexar Series

  5. Max says:

    Can you use the nerf vests? If so please tell me!

  6. Isaac says:

    How about a contest where we send photos of our custom built cardboard nerf equipment

  7. Whitewolf says:

    Did you make your own camera mount out pbc pipes it’s cool.

  8. Brodie loveday says:

    what is you guys fav n-strike gun (not elite)

  9. Isaac says:

    what is your favourite zombie strike blaster not including the hammershot

  10. gavin g says:

    ADAM won and do a bad candy challenge when you eat bad candy and then shoot the target behind you and if you make it you get to drink something. And which one would you pick modulus or rappidstrike?

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