Halloween Special – Nerf Socom News 10

In this spooky episode of Nerf Socom News, Adam and Julian discuss Nerf news, announce the winner of the Mod contest, and announce a new contest! They also have a super scary special segment in which they participate in a drawing contest! So, whose drawing do you think was better?!?!

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  1. vishwanath singh says:

    1 gun which u guys dont have BIGSHOCK

  2. Isaiah C. says:

    In your short the Duel, who is fighting Billy and Bob or Adam and Julian? And did you know there is the same amount of letters in Billy and Jacob and Bob and Jim?

  3. Haps26 says:

    what is a dream blaster

  4. Mustafa says:

    Hey guys I am from au and I just started to watch yesterday I think nerf socom is cool because I have never seen guns like rino Fire or demolished 2-1 but I just want u to know that ur awesome and I am nine years old

  5. Cole Nichols says:

    If you could have any real firearm to be in the form of a nerf gun, what would it be?

  6. Dave says:

    What are your guys ages?

  7. Stephen says:

    I entered. I designed a new elite blaster on paint.

  8. Kole says:

    I entered

  9. Richard Khong says:

    do you guys have nerf super soaker guns?

  10. james lyon says:

    hello nerf socom are you going to use the nerf elite rhino fire in the zombie series

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