Mini Nerf War! – Nerf Socom News 17

Adam, Julian, and special guest Jacob talk about the latest news and have a Nerf Battle!

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  1. BJAV07 says:

    Make a homemade

  2. nerf girl 24 says:

    nice job Adam!! can i have A Nerf war with yall? we can have 1 hostage and 1 player has to save the hostage! and the other player has to take the hostage and the FBI agent out

  3. Boris says:

    Mabe adam can help Julian can he please??????

  4. David says:

    Adam what kind of stock do you use on your Rampage?

  5. jake the nerfer says:

    (special segment idea) you guys should make Nerf gun combos, then blindfold each other and give the blindfolded one the combo. The blindfolded one needs to guess the gun and what is on it…who ever guesses the WHOLE combo with the fewest amount of guesses wins.

  6. David says:

    Adam and Julian what are is favorite nerf gun?

  7. nerfmaster45 says:

    why is the alpha trooper the most recommended shotgun style blaster. why not deploy, rough cut, or rampage?

  8. nerfmaster45 says:

    dear nerf socom have you’ve played HvZ (humans vs zombies)

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