Nerf Mod Contest and Giveaway – Nerf Socom News 28

Adam and Julian discuss Nerf News, announce the contest winner, and take on the “Rapid review challenge”! Who do you think won the challenge? Make your own challenge and share it with us in the comments!

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  1. The Real Poet says:

    Part 1 of THE TRIGGER (is it supposed to be all caps?) was awesome, guys. Is it on the same timeline as the Lexar Series? And is this ya’lls new main series? Or will we see more series get started (*Cough* Zombie *Cough* Series *Cough Cough*)?

  2. Commodore says:

    What would you think of putting the internals of the Snapfire 8 in a Hammershot, but still retaining the hammer action? THat way you could have not only a single-action revolver via the Hammershot, but also the double-action trigger of the Snapfire in a pinch if need be. Like a modern real steel revolver! Maybe even have pulling the hammer put the trigger at just above half too. That would be awesome.

  3. Lincoln Wong says:

    Will there by a nerf arsenal video?

  4. Lincoln Wong says:

    Do you guys know anymore nerf youtubers like coop772, lorddraconical and nerfboyproductions

  5. Lincoln Wong says:

    And will you guys use any more nerf blasters from the other nerf line up in your THE TRIGGER series?

  6. Lincoln Wong says:

    Is the new nerf series THE TRIGGER is just like the Lexar series and will you guys be doing more nerf series?

  7. Nikoletta says:

    I would like to make a web series, but there are only two, maybe three people I can use as actors, and I’m having trouble coming up with a plot, which I think might be important. How do you come up with ideas? Do have any suggestions?

  8. Great speller says:

    Maybee yu shud trie having multipul winerz for thu contestz becuz itz mor fun with mor winerz. thanck yu

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