Our Best Feedback – Nerf Socom News 2

The winner, Mar Triangle has been announced on NSN 3

Adam and Julian talk about the newest nerf News, Zombies, the Contest and the Future before talking about the best feedback they’ve ever received.

New videos: 

Lexar Episode 20 Comments Reading

Lexar Episode 20 Bloopers

Lexar Episode 20 Exclusive Extended Bloopers

Lexar Episode 20 Behind the Scenes

Lexar Episode 20 Exclusive Extended Behind the Scenes

Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow Review

Contest information:
The winner of the contest is Jonny Eaves. He will be emailed within a week of this video’s post date (to the email he included in the comment form).

For next month’s contest, you must enter a comment below answering the question:
“How many deaths were there in episodes 10-20 of the Nerf Socom Lexar Series?”
This only includes deaths that are seen on screen. No implications or assumptions.

The winner will receive a free Nerf blaster of his/her choice. We will choose the winner on March 31st, in the next episode of NS News. Be sure to sign in with your email so that we know how to contact you. If you are under 13, ask your parents/legal guardians before entering. This contest is open internationally (we will ship to international winners, no cost). The winner will be sent an email to the email provided when commenting. If the winner does not respond within 3 weeks of notice (after 3 attempts) we will choose another winner. You do not need to pick a blaster until we contact you.



  1. Mahdi Rasoul says:


  2. jackson9240 says:

    please keep my first answer I didn’t get a chance to enter again

  3. Mar Triangle says:

    Thanks Nerf Socom!

  4. Tyler Macpherson says:

    264 deaths

  5. adrian slocumb says:

    hes not

  6. Tyler Macpherson says:

    I think that it is 237 because the kills were 236 but I think Andrew died and is going to turn into a zombie

  7. adrian slocumb says:

    its neither

  8. Tyler Macpherson says:

    I think there have been 237 kills from episodes 10-20

  9. Ivan Modena says:

    Its 67 kills

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