Our Airsoft Arsenal – Nerf Socom News 3

Adam and Julian talk about the newest Nerf News, the Contest and the Future before showing their Airsoft arsenal.

New videos:

Rebelle Sweet Revenge Kit Review

Zombie Strike Ripshot

Rebelle Pink Crush Review

Rapidstrike Stress Test

Contest information:
The winner of the last contest is “Mar Triangle”. He/She will be emailed within a week of this video’s post date (to the email he included in the comment form).

Send us an email with a picture of your Nerf arsenal. We prefer only Nerf brand blasters. You can submit your blasters by sending an email to:

Email: [email protected]
Subject line: Nerf Arsenal Contest Entry
Body: Attach a photo of your nerf Arsenal.
Also include your name and how we can contact you if you win.

Finally, be sure to leave a comment letting us know that you entered the contest!

Enter Button

The winner will receive a free Nerf blaster of his/her choice. We will choose the winner on April 31st, in the next episode of NS News. If you are under 13, ask your parents/legal guardians before entering. This contest is open internationally (we will ship to international winners, no cost). The winner will be sent an email to the email provided when commenting. If the winner does not respond within 2 weeks of notice (after 3 attempts) we will choose another winner. You do not need to pick a blaster until we contact you.



  1. monkeyser says:

    Do a nerf arsenal video.Do ep 1 on your new episode.

    MY nerf arsenal is the

    n strike and buzz bee
    nite finder
    two sucky pistols
    shot gun
    air max 6 extreme
    tek 6

    n strike elite

    darts and bombs
    zombie strike darts
    elite darts
    wisle darts
    1 z-bomb
    sticky darts
    glow in thew dark disic

    rest of guns
    1 6 dart clip and 1 12 dart clip
    zombie strike cross bow

  2. nerf lover says:

    Will you also do a firing test of the new guns?

  3. nerf lover says:

    Will you do a review on all the new call guns that you mentioned in nerf socom news 1?:)
    Ps YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hitman says:

    Can you do a versus of heart breaker bow and the blazin bow

  5. Hitman says:

    What day or month you gonna do the retaliator last stage kit

  6. Hitman says:

    Adam where do you buy smoke bombs

  7. Dante c says:

    I entered

  8. mayousan says:

    ive entered i hope i win

  9. mayousan says:


  10. Jacob sykes says:

    I have entered the contest

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