Our Nerf Arsenal – Nerf Socom News 12

In this special holiday episode of Nerf Socom News, Adam and Julian conclude their year with an Arsenal video and announce a wacky new contest!

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To see the rules and to enter the contest, go here:




  1. mojo says:

    when do you now if you won the contest (any)

  2. Kaiden Gott says:

    hi nerf socom I am so happy that u won the youtube award . in a couple of days I will put my nerf films and reviews on youtube so hope u guys watch my films k .
    p.s I live in Austrailia

  3. christian noel jocson says:

    when are you gonna release the new series of nerf socom

  4. matthew lorber says:

    What are the top ten nerf guns

  5. jake the nerfer says:

    if you had to pick 1 Nerf gun for a Nerf war witch would you choose.

  6. matthew lorber says:

    Witch gun is better, the nerf strife mission kit or the rinofire

  7. matthew lorber says:

    Is it possible to bring back the future nerf gun competition

  8. Bill_Ted_Joe says:

    hi nerf socom me and my two brothers Ted and Joe watch your vidios nearly every day, watching new ones and repeating old ones. our faveroute guns are for ted the sledgefire for joe there is the diatron and i like the rayven. if you could send us any of these guns that would be great from Bill_Ted_Joe
    p.s. we cant get these guns where we are in the uk.

  9. Kelly says:

    hi nerf socom I would like to no what your favorite nerf gun is?

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