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Adam and Julian discuss the latest Nerf news, along with announcing a new contest!

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  1. nerfmaster45 says:

    in the comparison of the rapidstrike, demolisher, and elite cam why didn’t julian used his third arm?

  2. nerfmaster45 says:

    what kind of candy bar you guys ate at the end of the ep14 news?

  3. nerfmaster45 says:

    is the modulus going to be a priming gun or a fly wheel gun?

  4. nerfmaster45 says:

    when is the zombie series gonna release FOR REAL THIS TIME PLS???

  5. nerfmaster45 says:

    witch stock do you recommend raider stock, retaliator stock, stockade stock,or super soaker stocks?

  6. nerfmaster45 says:

    dear nerf socom what do you recommend for a primary weapon longshot cs 6 or cs 12 or alpha trooper cs 18 or cs 12?

  7. Chase says:

    When do you submit the review?

  8. nerfmaster45 says:

    why don’t OMW sell immortal kit for the longshot anymore?

  9. rednecknerfwar says:

    i think nerd should make a arctic serics

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