Tour of the Set! – Nerf Socom News 18

Adam and Julian talk about Nerf News, and show a short tour of their set!

Send us mail!:

Nerf Socom
PO Box 1774
Monument, CO 80132
United States


To see the rules and to enter the contest, go here:

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  1. kutubu19 says:

    i wabt to enter the contest

  2. Reid richman says:

    Hi guys I was wondering how Mathew was doing in Georgia and wanted to know if you could give me a call at 480 773 9852 that is my cell thx so much for reading this.

  3. Nahtanoj says:

    (For the contest)-A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z! Burritos!

  4. Rayhan A Clone Stone Studio says:

    When Zombie Series Is Release ?

  5. Brayden R. says:

    (Contest) i like your vids if win :) if lose :(

  6. LegendNerfer says:

    Will you show your progress on the LongHornet CSAS-10?
    When will the Zombie series come out?

  7. LegendNerfer says:

    (Contest) WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO???!!!!

  8. Chase C says:

    (Contest) Hey guys I LOVE your videos, I’ve watched every single. Keep it up and stay my favorite nerfers. :D

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