Video Idea Contest 2 – Nerf Socom News 15

Adam and Julian talk about the next contest, read their releases, and reply to comments and mail in this shorter episode of NSN!

Contest winner:

Send us mail!:

Nerf Socom
PO Box 1774
Monument, CO 80132
United States



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  1. Nerf dude says:

    How many nerf guns do you have

  2. Nerf lord 26 says:

    Witch souls I get a strife or a flip flury

  3. Why did you decide to call your channel “Nerf Socom”?

  4. jake the nerfer says:

    1 bullet 1 gun Nerf war(special seg)

  5. Nerfer says:

    For the special segment will you do an unscripted nerf war?

  6. jake the nerfer says:

    I like the longer episodes of nsn

  7. Relif101 says:

    Wich one should i get, Elite cam ecs 12 or elite rhino fire ?

  8. nerf guy says:

    guys stop asking them to go to your place they’re not going there ok

  9. nerfmaster45 says:

    the centurion vulcan rhino fire are one of the most popular heavy guns and most popular to be stress tested
    what is the next heavy gun to be stress tested next (the mega thunder bow perhaps)

  10. nerfmaster45 says:

    do a chili pepper eating contest

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