Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 Review

Julian reviews the Nerf Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 and also eats a banana. The Effective Range on this gun is around 30 feet.

Rocket launcher
Good Stock

Jams a lot
Rocket accuracy
Rifle range






  1. Topinplop says:

    My one only shoots 25ft and jams a tone

  2. steve says:

    my friend has the demolisher and it is baller amazing gun everybody buy it (it also looks pretty cool)

  3. Garv says:

    I’m getting a demolisher 2 in 1 on the first week of December

    • Delf says:

      I got one a week ago, and I am incredibly satisfied! It shoots farted than the 2013 elite guns, is very ergonomic and comfortable. The grenades are super addictive and fun. It works smoothly and is easy to dejam. It shall only jam if you use a really crappy dart, or press the launch trigger too slowly. Get it! 100% worth it!

  4. mr.man says:

    Adam are going to do the ice bucket challenge

  5. Delf says:

    Question time! Does this gun jam more than a stryfe? Considering the rocket does splash damage and/or damages “forts” is accurate enough? Does it work with other clips? Can you mod the gun to make it better (increase voltage remove rocket air restrictor)? Should I get this gun or the Unity Power kit or set (you know the one with the Titan, hornet and scout)?

  6. Name-less-one says:

    I never knew the demolisher was that big!

  7. Name-less-one says:

    I never imagined the demolisher was that big!

  8. CmPrasiner99 says:

    Guys I’m a big fan but I have a question for you all what guns would you reccemend for each gun like n strike or zombie strike with the pros and cons thanks guys

  9. PipeLine044 says:

    I am incredibly disapointed that you cannot fit other bananas into the Demolisher. I just got a whole bunch of bananas and I had to learn the hard way. :)

  10. ian says:

    wow i have one that does not jam!

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