Longstrike CS-6 Socom Review

Adam and Andrew review the Longstrike CS-6.

Awesome looking
Cool Barrel attachment
Longest blaster
Amazing range after AR removal

Awkward for CQC
Not as strong as you might expect from a sniper.
Barrel reduces accuracy

The effective range of this gun stock is 20 ft. The effective range after AR removal is 40 ft. Note that Andrews gun may not have a normal effective range. When I (Adam) first got my longstrike, I thought I remembered it shooting an effective range of much further. We just showed the results we got with Andrews gun. There is a good chance you could get an extra 10 feet out of a new longstrike.

In the end, we have come to the conclusion that the pros outgo the cons. If do buy this gun (or if you already have it), definitely follow Adam’s AR Removal guide to make the gun twice as effective.

Here is the link to the mod guide for this gun:

Also, be sure to check out Orange Mod Works’ Upgrades:



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