Rebelle 4Victory Review

Julian reviews the Nerf Rebelle 4Victory. The Effective Range on this gun is 20 feet.

Rate of Fire

Hammer pull

4 Victory

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  1. kulunak says:

    review the zombie strike doominator

  2. da count says:

    why is hammer priming a con

    also, you left out fan firing

    fan firing sucks butt on the rotating barrels, but busts butt on the smart-ar system blasters

  3. Xander says:

    Left out a pro: All four darts can be fired without having to move either the barrel or the darts.

  4. Alex says:

    On Thursday I will be starting my own YouTube channel please can you give me a few tips on being a youtuber? PS you guys rock☺

    • Richard C. says:

      What’s your channel called? Here’s a tip from me, though I don’t have a YouTube channel yet, follow these guys great example and not use bad language.

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