Rebelle Sweet Revenge Kit Review

Julian and Jodie review the Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge Kit. The Effective Range on this gun is around 25 feet.

Included holster
Quick shooting

Slips through holster
Holster is not ambidextrous
Less range



  1. exantos says:

    Hey guys I don’t know if you have tested this with multiple or not ….. but 25 ft is really short…… my sis’s sweet revenge shoots accurately at about 40 feet and reaches wayyyyyyy farther its just not that accurate any more but its still pretty close at 50 feet. So great review but I think you might have a dud. :)

  2. Conor says:

    Do a sweet revenge vs hammershot

  3. Den Hvide Firkant says:

    I acidently disliked the video.. how the heck do i like it again? =)

  4. Den Hvide Firkant says:

    Sweet revenge vs Hamershoot

  5. JMLee says:

    To reply to james’s comment it is coming out after summer

  6. James says:

    What month can i watch the zombie series

  7. JMLee says:

    jodie did a great job

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