Elite Retaliator Stress Test

Matthew and Julian stress test the Nerf Elite Retaliator. See how the blaster stands against water, dropping, cars and more! Leave a kind message for Matthew as he embarks on a grand journey to Georgia!

What gun would you like to see in the next episode? What tests should be done?



  1. Max says:

    So sad!!! Why does he have to leave?,

  2. dafjygdyejka says:

    stress test the modulus ecs 10

  3. Joseph says:

    Do hailfire plz bye mat

  4. Mattlouella says:

    Do demolisher

  5. RepairedAphid86 says:

    Bye Matthew! We’ll miss you! Destroy the 2 in 1 Demolisher!

  6. nerf brothers says:

    plz destroy the hail fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jimmy says:

    Stress test the hail fire

  8. Daniel says:

    Do a stress test on the Longshot CS-6. Pretty please?????

  9. Angus says:

    bye matt! also do a stress test on the hail-fire plz plz plz thx guys

  10. Boris says:

    Arizona your in a iced tea just kidding hahahahaha

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