Elite Firestrike vs ZS Sidestrike Comparison

Julian Compares the Nerf Elite Firestrike with the Zombie Strike Sidestrike.



  1. Jacob says:

    Hey! Nerf Socom, For that Story Contest does it have to be written out on a piece of paper or can it be a short video? Get back to me on Email or on te Website

  2. Lee Hongjin says:

    Actually the side strike has much in comon with the scout

  3. Rjania says:

    how come that you are right eye dominant yet left handed

  4. Arden says:

    you should do a versus on firestrike and nightfinder ex 3.

  5. Norbert Andrew says:

    I entered the lexar care package video contest

  6. Renz says:

    i like both so for a zombie war I would chose sidestrike and for a regular battle the firestrike

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