Final Comparison – Which Should I Get?

Julian compares the final guns. In this video, we finally compare the winners of the previous comparisons. This includes the Hailfire, Rampage, Roughcut 2×4, and Strongarm.



  1. Charlie says:

    I totally agree with choosing the rampage so I ordered a nerf rampage and a radier stock

  2. Andy says:

    hey this video made me get the rampage and i love it
    i ve had it for almost a year and its still my favorite of all the guns i have

  3. henry says:

    The retaliator should be there

  4. Maxi says:

    I like a Nerf n-strike elite rampage and roughcut 2×4

  5. Michael heckman says:

    im serious you should do that your videos are great as is but will be even better if you do that

  6. Michael heckman says:

    this video series is great but you should do a which should i get on all guns of one series. like which should i get zombiestrike and which should i get vortex series

  7. JMLee says:

    i have all of those guns and have to agree the rampage is the winner. but the problem is my 25 round mag is a dud.

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