Nerf Revolver Comparison

Adam and Jacob White review and compare the 4 major Nerf Revolvers: The Barricade RV-10, Maverick REV-6, Spectre REV-5, and the Fury Fire Dart Tag set.

We did not compare them with the Firefly REV-8, the only other revolver as we did not have that one on hand. Front loading guns with Revolving cylinders (like the Rapid Fire AS-20) are not considered revolvers because first, there is no REV in the name, and second because the entire cylinder is not exposed.

Here were our results:

Maverick REV-6: Cheapest, but fastest to wear down
Barricade RV-10: Fastest and strongest, but less accurate and noisiest
Spectre REV-5: Coolest sounding and great attachments, but weaker
Fury Fire Set: Longest lasting and cool action, but weakest

And the Firefly, for those who were looking:

Firefly REV-8: Tracer is cool, but overall too bulky

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  2. Isaiah says:

    how mane darts does the fury fire hold

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