Rifles Comparison Part 1 – Which Should I Get?

Julian compares half of the Nerf Rifles. He reviews the Raider CS-35, Recon CS-6, Alpha Trooper CS-18, Longstrike CS-6, Rayven CS-18, Quick 16, Rapid Fire AS-20, Longshot CS-6, and Deploy CS-6

Our next video will be the part 2 for the rifles, where we will be reviewing the last of the rifles and telling you the winner of all rifles.

Watch our previous WSIG video (Nerf Pistols):http://youtu.be/ek2aOMbmzkA

Watch the next part, Rifles Part 2 here:http://youtu.be/LYbUmt992cg



  1. kole says:

    you should make a verses on the longstrike cs-6 VS mega centurion

  2. Alex Lai says:

    Don’t say the longshot jams a lot IT JAMS A TON not even elite darts will work on it

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