Stampede ECS vs Vulcan EBF-25

Today in the Nerf Socom VS series, we will be comparing the Stampede ECS to the Vulcan EBF-25. After the comparison of the two guns, the Stampede tramples the Vulcan due jamming, range, and weight faults in the Vulcan.

We forgot to mention that while the stampede takes only streamline darts, the Vulcan is compatible with all dart types.

Special thanks to TheRodeBros (ECS) (EBF-25)



  1. Andy says:

    hey i dont think nerf socom has every done a range test and review on the nerf vulcan
    i would love for them to do one

  2. jackson9240 says:

    I agree, I like the stampede best.

    Ps. I like this video it is awesome

  3. Adam says:

    This was our first video to hit 1 million views. Lots of story behind this one. And regret. And sorrow. Criticism. Embarrassment. The usual.

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