Which Should I Get 2014 Series Final Comparison

Julian compares the 2014 Which Should I Get series finalists and decides what the winners of the series are!



  1. henry says:

    I agree with all the choices that Julian made, Rhino-Fire- good for battle, Slingfire- critical in blasting zombies, and the Sweet Revenge- great as a secondary weapon. Nice work!

  2. nerf 27 says:

    Really good

  3. Andrew B says:

    I think the rhino Fire should stay,but for the assault rifles you should have had the Nerf stryfe because of its speed.For the pistol it should have been the Trio EX-3 because of its ranges and accuracy.

  4. nerf 27 says:

    Could i have the rinofire

  5. DJ_Pedro says:

    Cool vid guys plz continue th witch should I get series plz

  6. Delf says:

    For battle the rhino fire is way better, but the centurion is more fun to use, especially if you like to target practice. Now that American Sniper came out, I am very appealed by the Centurion.

  7. Sean Flynn says:

    Dude Julian I totally agree on all your winners except the sweet revenge. The hammershot is a better gun clearly.I tested my new hammershot and it fired from 30 feet to 65 feet. I have tried the sweet revenge and its range was about 20 to 45 feet. And also the sweet revenge’s accuracy sucked. I shot it at a 13 foot target and it missed the entire target.I also noticed that shot you took with the hammershot that landed 15 feet you aimed it at the floor.Other then that, you nailed the rest of the choices. Nice job man! = )

  8. rampage and rapidstrike should be there. and why did you also do the rebelle guns. I love your videos. (8

  9. Leon Denkiewicz says:

    The Centurion is better than the Rhino Fire.

  10. Mrman says:

    It won’t let me watch it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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