Mega Series Comparison – Which Should I Get 2014

Julian compares the 2014 Elite Mega releases in the new 2014 “Which Should I Get?” series!



  1. Charlie says:

    Hi I din woching wor videos I like it u lot me and my friends are going to do it as wel dut I wont to arcs you forst.
    How much guns do you have and wot gun is wor thafret.

  2. dude magnus.Centerion only has six rounds and its huge also it only comes with one clip.Thunder bow is not really a gun like you said and it is too big also is not accurate at all.Magnus because you can have darts in your pocket or on a nerf vest and its small compact and has a built in clip that’s why.

  3. Ethan Osgood says:

    Hey I watch you videos and this one i do not agree with. The Thunder bow I Love in battle just because of the accuracy which you guys say it doesn’t have any. Also the centurion if my friends use it, it jams a crap ton. They broke 4 of my mega bullets with it. Thanks.

  4. jxan says:


  5. Aydan says:

    i think the magnus believe it or not because it fires good and its accurate and the centerion jams every shot for me

    • cam and caleb says:

      i think all the guns have there own problem it matters which problem you hate the most . we have the centurion and the magnus centurion jams and magnus has low and slow amo . the gun that wins is the ciclone shock hands down

  6. awsome says:

    the winneris mega magnus its awesome

  7. xianqichen says:

    lso the new cyclone shock is a 2015 gun so I don’t know can you guys get it.

    And I am Byron Chen( the one who wrote a comment to do a raider stress test).

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