Zombie Strike Fusefire vs Vigilon

Julian compares Nerf Zombie Strike Fusefire with the Vortex Vigilon.



  1. derick says:

    I love the vigilon

  2. derick says:

    this one of my favorites

  3. pigface7 says:

    Rapidstrike vs stampede.

  4. Hitman says:

    I think vigilon is the best

  5. Rohan gill says:


  6. Delf says:

    You guys should do more versus episodes, here’s one:
    Stryfe vs rapidstrike and/or retaliator

  7. James says:

    What day or month you gonna do your next feed back

  8. Alex Lai says:

    i think the fusefire better

  9. Tyler C says:

    first one to leave a comment

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