Zombie Strike Longshot CS-12 Review

Julian reviews the Nerf Zombie Strike Longshot CS-12. The Effective Range on this gun is around 20-25 feet (depending on darts).

Great for modding
Easy to cock
Classic blaster

Poor range and accuracy
No bipod or pistol attachment



  1. Question says:

    How do you make the handle easy to take off for modding?

  2. All Stars says:

    I can mod it and attach a rail

  3. Donovan says:

    hey, are you going to use this in your zombie series?

  4. GARV says:

    hey you didnt mension in the pros that it had more ammo capacity than the old longshot

  5. jboynerf345 says:

    For some reason I hear a voice in my head saying “angel breech”

  6. Peggy says:

    Hopefully they do another nerf arsenal

  7. james newman says:

    Have you heard of the new mega blasters? The cyclone shock, big shot, hex shot, samaritan and a couple of others.

  8. Delf says:

    Why did you stop making graphics?

  9. Kole says:

    Adam you do next review

  10. ian says:

    that is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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