Johnson’s Hope

The LPG team has a battle resulting in a different-than-normal video.

Expect more HD videos coming your way!



  1. Alex says:

    I feel so bad for Johnson.

  2. NerfGirlVideos says:

    “Do we still get free drinks?” -Matthew


  3. Jonas tjelta says:

    I wish i knew u guys personally

  4. nerf girl 24 says:

    yall should make a vido where adam goes misssing and andrew finds out that julian and kyle kidnaped him. P.S- im not trying to creep yall out. but its called adam goes missing i typed the whole thing on my computer. i am in mississippi

  5. nerf girgl 24 says:

    i cant believe he would have a dream like that. telll him. if he wants to shoot him he is gonna have to get throught

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