Lexar Episode 20 Commentary

The LPG team watches as they talk about Nerf Socom Episode 20 “The Finale”.



  1. Jcrobber says:

    I think he shot the chain of the handcuffs and went looking for survivors to protect him. There might of been 1-2 survivors . He would of then take his hail fire and open fired on the swat team with the survivors. He probably won the fight as there were 6 swat. He would’ve created a copy of Lexar in case of an emergency like Lexar being lost damaged or stolen he would’ve kept using Lexar and forced you to finish him off

  2. NerfGirlVideos says:

    Well, I think Andrew was holding the gun and the S.W.A.T team saw him holding it and killed Andrew before he shit them. Also was the thing in the bottom right hand corner at 7:55 a cat or the boom mic?

  3. nerf 27 says:

    You are really cool

  4. nerf 27 says:

    That was so cool but won

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