Lexar Episode 20 Commentary

The LPG team watches as they talk about Nerf Socom Episode 20 “The Finale”.



  1. alphadragon2 says:

    sorry for the spelling…..

  2. alphadragon2 says:

    Andrew didn die because it can be logicly solved: in the video you hear about 5-10 shots, there were 5 guys in there that is about 1 shot from the “police” guys and 4-5 shots for Andrew. Also Andrew had the suprise on his side so hecould have killed 2 guys before they did anything. Because it was 3 h after the LPG left him he (with a 100% chance) got out of the cuffs. that means that he could grab abetter weapon than the Hammershot. that also is promoted by the fact that the sound of the bullets come in a short time after they got in the house. that means that he DID get out of the basement because they couldnt get to him that quickly. All of these at first random facts add together to a solution that Andrew DIDNT DIE!!!!!

  3. alphadragon2 says:


  4. CmPraisner99 says:

    Nerf Socom and commenters what’s your opinion of which guns you reccemend for each type of nerf gun for example n strike or mega series

    • PipeLine044 says:

      For the Mega Series, I would say the Thunderbow. For the Zombie Strike line, I would suggest the Slingfire. For N-Strike Elite, I would say the RapidStrike CS-18. For the Rebelle, I would suggest the Rapid Red. For Vortex, I would say the Pyragon.

      • Delf says:

        Mmm, for the elite line I would probably go for the demolisher, even if nerf socom’s review was pretty negative about the blaster, it scores 4.2/5 stars in amazon, and, please, it has a grenade launcher and superior range, I waiting to get it this Christmas. Plus, it is semi auto, which make it easier to control the dart output, and it includes a stock.

  5. aarnold says:


  6. CmPrasiner99 says:

    Andrew won

  7. nerf lover says:


  8. kole says:

    Andrew won

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